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Cut Your Business Expenses

Keep more of your profits in your wallet where they belong. Our "NO-Markup" printing discount club will make sure you never pay for overpriced print marketing goods ever again.

Grow Your Bottomline

Our prices make it easy for you to increase your marketing efforts and bring in twice the amount of business with no increase in marketing budget or spend.

Look Like a Rock Star

Don’t you think for a second that because our prices are cheap that the quality is too. We promise our quality is top notch.

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So What's The Catch?

You wouldn’t be the first to ask that, but the truth is there isn’t one. Seriously. No sneaky contracts, no tricky fine print, and no BS. Still not convinced? Read on…

1. How are the prices really so low? +

I think what you meant to ask is how much markup is there in print? You may not realize it but most of the print marketing products you buy to help promote your business have as much as 100% markup built into the price. We decided to create a membership club sort of like Costo or Sam's Club where we give you access to the print products you need for the same ridiculously low prices we get them. Our “Next-to-Nothing” membership fees allow us to pass on those savings to you!

2. Are the products any good? +

I know it’s hard to believe but our products come from the same industry trade printers that supply many of the big brand competitors in North America. You literally get the same quality as any other online print company at half the cost when you join the club.

3. Why is no one else doing this? +

No idea, but we like to think of ourselves as innovators and always doing something totally new that disrupts the status quo and makes people rethink the way things should be done. However, there is a slight chance that maybe we’ve finally lost our marbles and drifted into complete insanity! Either way you win big with our unbelievable savings.

4. Is there any sort of guarantee? +

You bet, if you are not satisfied with the print products you receive from us for any reason simply reach out to our customer service team and we’ll get you taken care of. Whether that means sending out the product again or issuing a refund.

5. Can I use my already custom designs and logos or do I need to create them again? +

Absolutely! However it is advised that you check out the custom artwork requirements for each product type before placing an order. We also have a section called “Artwork Help” located on our FAQ page that you can refer to learn more.

6. Is there any limits on how much I can get at these insane discounts? +

Nope! When you join the club and become a part of the Squid Circle family you get unlimited access to all of our NO-Markup print products and you can order as much or as little as you need.

7. Can I resell & ship print products to my clients with no Squid Circle branding? +

Absolutely! All of our "NO Markup" print products ship out with blind shipping already so your clients will never know you are getting them from us.

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